Anna & Julian have been living on this enchanting farm surrounded by olive groves and oak woodlands, since the early ‘70s. Since the use of chemical pesticides was halted in 1985 this property has become a haven for all sorts of native wildlife. There are buzzards, kestrels, tawny owls, barn owls, green and great spotted woodpeckers, as well as a variety of smaller birds such as hoopoes, blue tits, marsh tits, nightingales, goldcrests, pied wagtails, skylarks, chaffinches, goldfinches, starlings, Eurasian jays, greenfinches, magpies, etc. There are also quite large quantities of game including wild boar, pheasant, hare, fallow deer and roe deer.

A.& J. have three daughters scattered around the world who love to come home and enjoy the peace of the Tuscan countryside whenever they get a chance. Their daughters’ interest in contributing to better environmental management and cleaner production has reinforced their belief that committing to organic agriculture was the right choice to make.

The olives pressed to produce the best “liquid gold” (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) in the area, are regularly and carefully selected and picked every year by the owners. The result is a very special product with a most intense and rare flavour, perfect to combine with many other Mediterranean flavours.

Anna also produces limited quantities of absolutely delicious, organic, home made preserves and marmalades (plum, apricot, bitter orange and tangerine, etc).